Stockholm Subway System, in the sixties, part 1
The rolling stock

Subway C2 2170
Subway Car 2170, Class C2, built 1953,
For many years, the most common type.
Hammarbyhallen Depot, 1969

an unofficial collection of photographs from the Subway System in Stockholm, from 1965 - 1969.
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This chapter concentrates on the rolling stock, used during the sixties..
By that time a very expanding system, with nearly annually extensions to the newly built suburbs.
Some basic facts; Opened in October 1950, 1435 mm rail gauge, Electric third rail system (750 Volt D C), Left hand traffic. Until 1965 every train was run by two crew, which was a driver and a door controller. Run by Stockholms Spårvägar (SS), Stockholms Tramways, in 1968 renamed to StorStockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), Greater Stockholm Passenger Transport Company, which explains why some cars having SS or SL logos.

Established 16 January 2001, updated 5 February 2005
each photograph is approx 100 Kb

Stockholm Subway
Trains at the bridge between Slussen and
Gamla Stan (Old Town) in central Stockholm
From left; track downtown on system I, same on system II,
spare track, from downtown on system II,
finally right from downtown on system I.
In background Stadshuset (City Hall),
well known for the Nobel Prize events.
Stockholm Subway
Train at the bridge between Slussen and
Gamla Stan (Old Town) in central Stockholm
Stockholm Subway Car Class C1
Subway Car Class C1,
at Hammarbyhallen 1969
Subway C1
Class C1, with the "american interior"
20 Cars built
Stockholm Subway Car Class C2
Subway Car Class C2,
at Högdalshallen Depot, 1969
Subway C2
Class C2, interior.
Exterior similair to C1
Two drivers cabins
Most common type
Approx 350 were built 1949 - 1961
Used until the 80-ties, when they were rebuilt.

Stockholm Subway Car Class C3
Subway Car Class C3
Hammarbyhallen Depot, 1969
Subway C3
Class C3,
Two drivers cabin, but only for
shunting, not used as leading cars.
85 cars delivered 1957 - 1959
Stockholm Subway Car Class C4
Subway Car Class C4
Subway C4
Class C4
Only one drivers cab
200 cars delivered 1960 - 1967
Interior similair to C5
Mostly used on System II, after the
opening in April 1964
Stockholm Subway Car Class C5
Subway Car Class C5
Nybodahallen Depot
Subway C5
Class C5
One drivers cab
8 cars built
Stockholm Subway Car Class C5
Subway Car Class C5, B-end
Nybodahallen Depot
Subway C4
Subway Car Class C4 No 2590
Nybodahallen Depot
Subway C2
Subway Car Class C2, No 2153 and 2215
Hammarbyhallen Depot
Subway C2 and C3
Subway Car Class C2 No 2170 and C3 No 2357
Hammarbyhallen Depot

The Stockholm Subway System has, since the opening in 1950, always used an automatic train control system, with indicators in the drivers cabins, depending of distance to the train ahead or speed limits because of stations, etc. The Cab Signal system indicating maximum alowed speed. If exceeded, the system automatically applies the brakes, if the driver doesn't use the maximum brakes, within a second, or two.
Stockholm Subway
Inside the drivers cab in a C4.
To the left the Cab Signal system,
indicating maximum allowed speed,
L = 15 km/h
M = 50 km/h
H = Maximum (approx 70 km/h)
Stockholm Subway
Parts of Drivers panel
Stockholm Subway
Door control panel

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Stockholm, 1964-2005