Stockholms Tramways in 1967

a picture gallery over the tram system,
På Svenska, tack

Established 2 July 1996, updated 1 February 2005

A picture gallery of the last city trams in Stockholm.
The photograhs are mainly from the last summer in 1967, when we still had left hand traffic and the city trams still were running.
After the convertion to right hand traffic on the 3rd of September (logo to the left), the city system with 5 routes, approx 95 trams and 30 trailers, was withdrawn and most of the tram cars were scrapped. Some were preserved as vintage / museumtrams.
After the right hand convertion, only the suburb tramways of line 12 and the Lidingötram were running. As in many other cities, however the tram is coming back. During 1991 a tramway was opened in the city, line 7 between Norrmalmstorg and Djurgården, run by the Swedish Tramway Society. In January 2000 a new built tramway / light rail transit line was opened in the southern suburbs of Stockholm

Standard tram, class A25, built in the forties, at Vanadisplan,
August 1967

Mustang tram / streetcar
Class A25 standard tram, named Mustang. Totally were 101 built and used in the Stockholm traffic ( Class A25, A26 and A27). Trailer were also used of a similair class.

each photograph is approx 100 Kb

Tram 420 on line 4, Ringvägen

Tram 449 on line 8, Södersjukhuset

Tram 444 on Renstiernas Gata,
heading to the tram depot

Tram 411 on line 4, Vitabergsparken

Tram 441 on line 4, Odenplan

Tram 420 and trailer on line 4, Odengatan

Tram 467 and trailer on line 4, St Eriksplan

Tram 441 on line 4, St Eriksbron

Tram 422 on line 7, Djurgårdsvägen,
Notify the newly delivered white Volvo 142...

Same place, museum trams.
But the cars were modern...

Museum tram 170 of class A29, from 1951,
in fact younger than the trams used in regular traffic

Tram 435 on the terminal stop
of line 4, at Vitabergsparken

Tram 462 and trailer on line 4,
and other tram with trailer at St Eriksplan

Museum trams on Tegnergatan

160 Kb
Partly Selfmade Map showing the citytramlines in 1967, shown by black lines, the red lines only showing suburb-buses going downtown.

Copyright Leif Spångberg,
Stockholm, 1964-2005